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Blog Tour Wrap-up

Catherine Ryan Hyde

For those of you who missed my big Jumpstart the World blog tour...or even part of it...well, I can see how that could happen, because it was quite extensive.  Twenty-five stops.  As it was going on, I'm sure it would be easy to miss bits and pieces of it.  The posts just kept stacking up.  (In a good way!)

The good news about the tour is that you don't have to experience it in real time.  The posts will stay around a while.

So here it is, for your after-the-fact viewing. I'm tempted to say "Ta daaah!"  But I won't.

1) Kari at A Good Addiction (Author Interview)
2) Corrine at Lost for Words (Jumpstart the World Review)
3) Samantha at Read Sam Read (Book Excerpt)
4) Hattie at DeRaps Reads (Guest Post)
5) Stephanie at Steph the Bookworm (Love in the Present Tense Review)
6) Danielle at There's A Book (Jumpstart the World Review)
7) Taylor at The Library Lurker (Author Interview)
8) Khelsea at Once Upon a Review (Character Interview: Elle)
9) Melanie at Reclusive Bibliophile (Guest Post)
10) Kelsey at The Book Scout (Jumpstart the World Review)
11) Danielle at There's A Book (Author Interview)
12) Lindsay at Just Another Book Addict (New Scene)
13) Brent at Naughty Book Kitties (Jumpstart the World Review)
14) Mariah at Mariah's Reading Adventure (Guest Post)
15) Jami at YA Addict (The Day I Killed James Review)
16) Stephanie at Steph the Bookworm (Book Excerpt)
17) Kari at A Good Addiction (Jumpstart the World Review)
18) Kim at The Book Butterfly (Author Interview)
19) Danielle at ChickLit Reviews (Second Hand Heart Review)
20) Jami at YA Addict (Author Interview)
21) Hattie at DeRaps Reads (Jumpstart the World Review)
22) Bri at Bri Hearts Books (Guest Post)
23) Brent at Naughty Book Kitties (Character Interview: Frank)
24) Sara at The Hiding Spot (Author Interview)
25) Kelsey at The Book Scout (New Scene)

Now, the list above is in chronological order.  But here's where it gets more interesting.  If you first read this Book Excerpt followed by this New Scene followed by this Book Excerpt followed by this New Scene, you'll see they all fit together.  And you'll see the characters from two of my novels bump into each other.  Cross each others' paths.

And, hey...if you get there fast, you may still be in time for some of the book giveaways.