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A Post About Truth

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Sound familiar?  Probably because last year I wrote a blog with a very similar title.  But, in that case, I was going a slightly different direction.  That blog was more about speaking up.  Not so much about what truth really is, how to find it, or how to know it when you see it, but more about saying what you really feel, popular or (far more likely) not.

This is a blog about truth itself.

So...the inevitable question...what is truth?  I really don’t claim to know.  That is, I would never presume that I could understand and define it for you, because I feel that Universal Truth, by it’s very nature, is beyond the grasp of our limited human understanding.  But I do have some thoughts on how we can know it if we see it.

If the human mind created it, it’s not Truth with a capital T.  It may be wonderful, like a scientific innovation that makes people more comfortable or helps them live longer.  I’m not saying that’s bad.  But it’s not Universal Truth.

If it seems at odds with, or contrary to, nature, that’s not it.  And especially if it harms nature, as so many of our human activities tend to do.  Justify the destruction of the planet all you want, but it’s still the wrong path, and not Truth.

If it’s outside you, and you think you need to attain it to be happy, that’s not it, either.  Ever notice how many times you’ve gone after some small thing you were sure would make you happy?  Did it make you happy?  So why think the next one is the charm?

If it’s based on things holding still (i.e., not losing something you love), that’s definitely not it, because the Universe is a place of constant change, and bracing against change can only bring pain and disappointment.

So that’s what I think it’s not.

As far as what it is, I’ve merely observed that the more I’m in the present moment, the closer I am to it.  Notice I don’t say it’s closer to me.  Because Truth is not the moving party in this situation.

So, what got me thinking about all this?

I got an email from two college students, Lily and Xavier.  They have a site called “The Truth Contest.”   As it states on their home page, The Truth Contest is not really a competition with a winner.  Everyone wins, because the best communications about truth are displayed together in one place.

I found it quite inspiring to read them.  You might want to give it a try as well.

Happy reading.