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When I Found You is Here!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Think of this blog post, please, as an open letter to my adult readers here in the US.

I'll start with the short version: I'm back.

Now to go into a little more detail.

You have been amazingly patient. The last expressly adult (this does not mean pornographic--I hope you know that) title I released here in the U.S. was Chasing Windmills in the Spring of 2008. Three and a half years ago. Furthermore, Love in the Present Tense and Chasing Windmills followed another long dry spell in which I didn't put out a new book from 2002 to 2006. And then when I did, it was Young Adult.

Lots of my readers emailed during this time to ask when the next book would be out. I could feel the disappointment when I told them the next one was YA. Remember this was 2002-2006, when far fewer adults had discovered that reading the YA genre could be a satisfying experience.

Many of you came with me and tried the YA titles. I guess others just waited. I hope none of you gave up on me. Especially after I published three adult follow-ups to Present Tense and Windmills--but only in the UK. Okay, at this point I can see how it would be a little frustrating. 

But over the summer, my first UK-only title, Second Hand Heart, came out in a US edition. And today I'm pleased to announce that When I Found You is also available in the US. I hope you'll check out the When I Found You page and read a little more about it. I was extremely gratified by the reader reaction to the book. It's one of a very few that has stood at five stars in reader reviews (the UK edition) even after quite a bit of time. I just can't wait to share it with my wonderfully patient US readers.

I also want to mention that the ebook downloads of these new US editions are very reasonably priced. Check out the Second Hand Heart and When I Found You book pages. As with all my book pages, I have buying links on the right-hand sidebar. It's formatted for any and all e-readers, and if you go to Smashwords, you can even buy formats that you can read right on your computer. So an arm and a leg is not required (and neither is a Kindle or a Nook). But I don't want to be unclear here. I mention the ebooks because they're so inexpensive to buy. But both these new editions are also available in paperback for people (like me) who still want paper books. There's a buying button on the book pages under the phrase, "US paperback readers, find this book at" Click that and you're good to go. 

I'm also pleased to tell you that my newest UK release, Don't Let Me Go, which just came out on September 29th, will follow as a US edition in just a matter of a few months. So we're streamlining the system, so US readers don't have to wait long.

In other words, I'm back, US adult readers. And I hope we can pick up where we left off.

Thanks for your loyalty and your patience.