Catherine Ryan Hyde Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of more than 25 published and forthcoming books, including the bestselling When I found You, Pay It Forward, Don't Let Me Go, and Take Me With You.


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Second Hand Heart Blog Tour

Catherine Ryan Hyde

In this case I'm not so much announcing the tour as wrapping it up. Today is the last tour day. For those not familiar with the concept of a blog tour, it's a "virtual tour," where the author "visits" different blogs online rather than than different bookstores in various cities.

The thing I like best about blog tours is that I don't have to get on any planes! The second best part is that you can't exactly miss one. If you miss a bookstore appearance, that's it. You missed it. But the reviews, guest posts, character interviews and other features stay online almost indefinitely. So you can browse through the posts after the fact.

I liked the posts in this tour because they gave me a chance to reveal a little more about myself--my own bookshelf, my daily routines, my favorite movies, the best places I've visited or vacationed...even some of the things I'd do if I suddenly won a hundred million dollars. But it's not all about me. I got to talk more about my characters, too. And there are some thoughtful reviews of Second Hand Heart mixed in.

Many thanks to Corrine and Kari of Teen Book Scene, and to all the terrific bloggers who hosted me on the tour. I hope you'll check out the posts below, and, while you're at it, look around the blogs. Anyone who loves books is bound to find them a great place to be. 

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