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More Puppy: Max

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Max on his new bedI'm a sucker for a good story about finding a great dog, or, as is often the case, being found by one.  My Facebook friend Starling Walter sent me this story:

"I am a big believer in accidents; but Max, Max becoming part of my family, that was no accident.

"I watched Max and his sister grow up in a tiny cage on the side of a dental lab parking lot a few blocks from my home. He and his sister had perfectly matched tuxedos. It wasn't until Max's sister disappeared and he was left alone in his cage that he really entered my life. I needed loyalty; Max was loyal to that dental lab to a fault. I talked the the dental lab people about him. They said his owner was trying to make him into a guard dog and only fed him a couple of times a week. His sister had been sold. But there was no chance of buying him.Max as toy

"I stopped by the dental lab parking lot cage one evening after work and gave Max a puppy cookie. And I was hooked. Seeing him before getting home became a constant. I took him food, toys, chewy things every night. Once it was raining so hard he just stayed in his bed, shivering rather than come to the fence and get his toy. And so it continued night after night until that Monday in early Spring, Max was gone.

"On Tuesday when I drove by the dental lab there were wooden boxes piled up in his cage. They didn't expect him to be back. I convinced myself that where ever he was, he was in a better place.

Lucky and Max paying homage to Lilly"By Friday, I don't know, I began to notice all this garbage all over my front yard: news-paper, half a doll, a flip-flop. I knew the neighbor- hood was going down hill; I figured this garbage was just another example of the speed it was traveling.

"On Saturday I was watching TV and had an urge to go to the front door. When I opened the door, what a sight: Max was at the end of my front walk wiggling so hard he could hardly walk. It took me two hours and lots of food to get him into my back yard--he knew too much about enclosed spaces. And there he stayed refusing to come into the house, until one really cold night.

"Max was part of my family for 13 years. He guarded us all, provided certainty in our lives. Years later when I got Lucky, he entertained her and took care of her until he died one New Year's day."

So glad you had Max and he had you and your family.  Thanks for sharing his story.

Max taking care of Lucky