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More...Bunny: Cypress and Pinto

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Not all great pets are puppies! For a pleasant change of pace in the More Puppy Bunny meme, I present Cypress and Pinto Nunez, courtesy of Melody Nunez, artist, writer, photographer, blogger, friend, and bunny parent.

Melody writes, "Hubby and I rescued two rabbits – a bonded pair – from the local shelter last March.  This pet adoption was an early gift for my birthday (which falls in May), and came about because my husband remembered that I’d wanted a pet rabbit when I was a kid but couldn’t have one.  He saw a blurb in a community activities mailer highlighting  rabbit adoptions - and the fact that that they make good apartment pets – and did a bit of investigating before springing the idea on me.  We’ve been married for several years, but had never had pets, so this was an exciting step – becoming bunny parents!

"Cypress (our white female rabbit) and Pinto (our spotted male rabbit) are so much fun.  They have distinct personalities, and are inquisitive and playful.  They’re so overwhelmingly cute that it’s impossible to stay mad when they get into mischief!  They’re spoiled and are fawned over by us both, and these bunny rabbits have my husband wrapped around their little paws in particular!  It’s sweet to watch the three of them interact.

"I’m a huge supporter of people adopting animals instead of buying them, and am so glad we visited the Irvine Animal Care Center.  Humans and animals alike just want attention and to be loved, and it’s a truly wonderful feeling knowing we’ve changed the lives of these little critters – for the better – in such a significant way.  I know you know the feeling..."

I do.  And thanks for the bunny fix.  They are impossibly cute!