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More Puppy: Jenny, Mason, Maddie

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Maddie and MasonMy old friends (and two of my most devoted readers!) Paul and Bob liked the idea of a "More Puppy" blog meme, and they contributed the following about their three four-legged "kids."

Paul says, "All three of our kids are rescues.

“Jenny, seven years old, a sable, and the leader of the pack, was returned to our local breeder when her parents divorced. She quickly bonded with our male, Connor--who recently passed away. It was love at first sight and Jenny practically followed usJenny home the day we met her. The breeder brought her over to us that night and the rest is history.

"Mason, four in June, a blue merle, hails from Southern California. We got a call from Southland Sheltie a few months after I retired in 2008. Our first sheltie, Blue, passed away suddenly in 2003, so the agency was aware we were looking for another blue. We met Mason and his caregivers midway in Santa Barbara. MasonHe quickly became one of the family and was on his best behavior for about two weeks. Unfortunately, our other kids told him he didn't have to behave in our house and he's been hell on wheels ever since. Mason's our problem child but we love him dearly.

"Maddie, a sable, four years old, was a gift from our breeder last summer after we lost Connor to a sudden brain tumor and after several agonizing trips to Davis Small Animal Clinic for tests and diagnosis. Bob and I are still not over this tragedy and probably won'tMaddie ever be, but Maddie has certainly filled our lives and completed our family of five: three shelties and two people who just happen to live in their home. Maddie is an ex show dog. Best of breed and best of show but was returned to the breeder after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Fortunately, it's a mild case and our vet assured us he will be fine. Maddie had to learn how to play with toys, fly up the stairs--as the others do-- and in general, become the dog he most likely wanted to be BEFORE he was stuck in the show circuit. He's a great little dog, very affectionate and a real charmer. He likes to sit in the yard and smell the flowers like Ferdinand and loves being admired for his terrific looks."

What a beautiful family, Paul, and it's wonderful how many loving, happy families are made up of people and pets.