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More Puppy

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Most recent photo of Ella, taken this a.m.My friend Melanie at the blog Reclusive Bibliophile recently gave some thought to what her blog needed.  The answer she came up with?  More puppy.  Her blog needed more puppy.  So, inspired by Presenting Lenore's Cat Tuesday, she instituted Weimaraner Wednesday, and posted adorable photos of her dog Wiki.

I found myself thinking (out loud, on her blog thread) about the possibility of Mutt Monday.  Melanie replied that she enjoys Ella pictures any day of the week, no alliteration necessary.  Which is good, because I tend to blog when the mood strikes me, not on carefully planned schedules.It was a long rainy season

For those of you (this is highly unlikely) who know nothing about Ella, I got her from the Santa Maria Valley Humane Society in June of '06.  She was only four months old.  Oddly, on the day I met Ella, I headed south having no idea the SMVHS even existed.  I was headed (I thought) for the Ella at four months county pound in Santa Maria.  But I wasn't sure of the location (I'd impulsively headed out from the San Luis Obispo pound), so I called on my cell phone.  Even though I called during normal business hours, I got a recording that gave (or so I thought) an address on West Blosser Road.  I knew how to find Blosser Road, so I did.  But there was no West Blosser.  Only north and south.  I called again.  This time I got a real person, who told me they were located on West Foster Road.  Oh.  "How far away am I?" I asked.  About as far away as I could get and still be in the same town.  Then he asked, "Are you looking for a dog?"  I was.  Having lost my sweet, beautiful Jessie a few weeks earlier.  He told me I was right around the corner from the Humane Society.  Where Ella was waiting.This was supposed to be a photo of the hat. Ella decided it needed more puppy.

How's that for finding the perfect pet in a facility I didn't even know existed? I'm not a big believer in accidents. 

In June we'll celebrate five years. When you have rescue dogs, you tend not to know their exact birthdays.  So I've gotten in the habit of celebrating the anniversary of the day I bring them home from the pound.  Ella's friends and I meet at Main Street Grill, and Ella gets her own "kid size" hamburger.  And presents.

 Yeah, okay, I spoil my dog.  Just a little bit.  Maybe just a little bit

Anyway.  Here's what I had in mind for adding more puppy to my blog.  I'm thinking it doesn't always have to be about my puppy.  What about your beloved dog or cat?  Want to send me photos?  Tell me your story of how you two found each other?  If you do, I'll post more puppy (kitten) blogs, but I'll highlight your pets instead of always just mine.

Because, really, what blog isn't better off with more puppy? 

Bunny toy has seen better days