Catherine Ryan Hyde Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of more than 25 published and forthcoming books, including the bestselling When I found You, Pay It Forward, Don't Let Me Go, and Take Me With You.


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New Pay It Forward ARC Giveaway

Catherine Ryan Hyde

For those of you who don't know what an ARC is, it's an advance reader's copy, or what's sometimes called a bound galley. A few months ago I was organizing the big built-in bookcase up in my studio, and I realized that I have about ten Pay It Forward ARCs. I guess I thought I should hang onto them. That they'd be collector's items someday. (They are eleven years old and were never meant to be sold--the publisher sends them out to reviewers and bookstores).

I decided that at least a few of them belong in the hands of my readers. And I still feel the same way now.

All you have to do is leave a coment below. That's it. Make sure I have your email address, so I can contact you if you win. But the address won't show publicly, and I don't use it for any other purpose but getting your prize to you. 

I've given away two of these so far. If you commented for one of the ealier ones, please comment again. At one point I was holding names over from one drawing to the next. But now I'd be too afraid of missing somebody, or drawing the name of someone who wanted it more months ago than they do now.

I'll be taking entries until the end of the month. Good luck!