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Bryce Canyon, Early

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Got home from my trip yesterday afternoon. It's unusual for me to already have one blog post about the trip, with photos. But that's what comes of an RV park with free WiFi.

Still, I want to back up and chronicle some of the other amazing places I saw. And, of course, get the photos up online.

Bryce Canyon was the first stop. I was concerned it might be a bit hotter at Zion, plus I've been to Zion three times, and only been to Bryce Canyon once. And it's so amazing, and so photogenic. My only issue with Bryce as a park is its high elevation--over 8,000 feet. But, since I was on my way to hike up Pike's Peak to the 10,200-foot Barr Camp, that seemed like a plus. Time to get used to it.

I showed up on a Friday mid-day, and was still able to snag a first-come, first-served campsite at North Campground, just yards from the Rim Trail, which is the start of the Fairyland loop. I love being able to leave the motor home in place (and let my mother and my dog sleep) and walk a few yards to the trailhead.

As always, I started early, because I like having the trail to myself. In fact, I was out for over two and a half hours before I saw another single soul. And the moon was up, three-quarters full over the hoodoos. What a sight.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Bryce, including a double rainbow over the canyon the previous evening. You can view the best of the Bryce photos at THE NEW BRYCE ALBUM on the My Photos page

More to come.