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TEDx and Our Very Own Charley Johnson

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Hey! How's this for an exciting announcement? Our very own Charley Johnson doing a TEDx talk! (And if you don’t know who Charley is…yet…click here to go to my Pay It Forward Experience Page.)

Charley sends out this message the night before the big event:

Hey Everybody,

Here is the link to watch the TEDx event LIVE that I will be speaking at tomorrow, Saturday, January 7th. The event starts around 10:15am PST/1:15pm EST! 

I won't personally be speaking until 12:30pm PST/3:30pm EST!

Click on the link below, watch us talk about how Pay it Forward is taking over and Spread the word to anyone who might want to watch!

If you find this blog post too late to watch live (this is me talking now, not Charley), I’ll post a follow-up with a video URL as soon as I have it.

So, it’s official, folks. Fasten your seatbelts. Charley Johnson is at the wheel of the Pay It Forward Foundation and Movement. Big things to come in 2012!