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The Backlist is Back! And Briefly Free!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

They are here! A little later than I estimated, but we hit the right month.

My four older backlist titles—Funerals for Horses, Earthquake Weather and Other Stories, Electric God and Walter’s Purple Heart—are not only back, they’ve burst into the 21st Century. All four of these titles are now available as ebooks for what I feel is the reasonable price of (when not free as they are just about to be) $2.99 each.

“But I don’t have an ereader,” you say. Well, some of you say. Fewer and fewer. But still. You don’t need an ereader. You can download a free Kindle app for your computer or handheld device. Just follow the links to one of the book’s Amazon pages. You can download it right from that page.

“But I have a Nook or other non-Kindle ereader,” you say. I have this link to instruct you in how to convert the files using free software.

“But I love the feel of a physical book in my hands,” you say. Many people still do say that. My new “frontlist” ebook releases are available in paperback as well. Because I thought you might feel that way. Here’s why these four backlist titles are not: because there are still lots of hardcovers in circulation, and most are reasonably priced. So why offer you the option of a $15 paperback if you can get a like-new hardcover for a few dollars? If you’re not sure where, go to my book pages (on this site) for Funerals for Horses, Earthquake Weather and Other Stories, Electric God and Walter’s Purple Heart. There are buying buttons (on the right-hand sidebar) that will lead you to used copies.

So. You should rush right out and get these new e-editions for your Kindle (or Kindle app), right?

Maybe not. Maybe you should wait until tomorrow, October 30th. Because tomorrow all four books go on free promotion. Tuesday October 30th through Saturday November 3rd. So wait a day. Give your book budget a break.

If you’re a brand new reader of my work, think of it as four free samples. If you’ve been with me all along, think of it as a thank you. Well, four thank yous.

All the book titles and covers are links. Click away.

Hope you enjoy!