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News About Slideshows

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Today I realized I had three pieces of news for this site, this blog, and they all have to do with slideshows.

First, and most importantly, I'm undertaking a reader slideshow similar to the My Fabulous Readers ones you see here.


The difference is, this new one will be all Pay It Forward. It's a Pay It Forward readers slideshow. There's an amazing new (big!) Pay It Forward Group on Facebook, and I suggested it to them, and they seem to want to run with it. A movement takes on more weight when you can see the real faces of the real people. If you're interested in the Facebook group, which is a closed group, let me know (my email address can be found on the Contact Me page). I'll make sure you get in. And if you want to be part of the slideshow, please send a photo of yourself with the Pay It Forward book. And please do send a photo in horizontal format if at all possible. It will work much better the way I plan to use it. If you've sent a photo of yourself with Pay It Forward for a previous slideshow, I'll re-use it...if it's in horizontal format. I'll be using the original Pay It Forward song by Mark David Miller. I'm wondering if any of you have heard it. It used to be on the Foundation site, but I guess it's been awhile.'ll hear it soon.

As always, you can send photos (or other communications) to me at ryanhyde at cryanhyde dot com.

I also want to announce that My Fabulous Readers #3 is getting down to the wire. I have room for maybe half a dozen new photos. So if you've been meaning to, jump in. There's no time like this one.

Third bit of slideshow news: I didn't know I could easily add slideshows to this website. I can. So I've replaced the little YouTube slideshow of Ella on my About Me page with a newer, nicer one. And I have a slideshow of my photos on the home page...and soon I'll even figure out how to get the text to wrap around it the way it's supposed to. I have to issue a blanket "pardon my dust" while I work on this. My photos page is down, but it will be back. My goal is to bring all my hiking and travel photos to this site (there are a lot!) in a much more user-friendly format.

Wish me luck! And don't forget the photo of you for the new slideshows. If you send one of yourself with Pay It Forward, I'll use it in both.