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Always Giving Stuff Away

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Here we go again. I'm guessing this will not be getting tedious for my readers, as, if I'm going to keep repeating myself, the repetition should be something along the lines of, "I've got more free stuff for you."

The US ebook of my novel SECOND HAND HEART just went on a 5-day free promotion. (Sorry UK readers, UK editions belong to Transworld/Random House Group--love them, but can't give their stuff away.)

If you're in the US, just go get one. Easy. And everyone who wants one can have one.

But while we're at it, I want to do another $25 Amazon gift card giveaway for reviewers. This is fairly simple as well. Grab a free copy of the book (no actual cash purchase necessary), read it, and leave your honest thoughts on Amazon. Then come back to this blog and leave a comment telling me you did. That way I'll know you want to be part of the contest, and I'll have your email address if you win. I'll choose a winner at random (not based on what you say about the book--say what feels true).

That's it.

If you don't have an ereader, you can download free Kindle software on the Amazon page. If you have a Nook, or other non-Kindle ereader, click here for instructions on how to convert the downloaded file.

Will choose a winner at the end of the month. Good luck, and thanks for being up for this kind of fun. Hell, thanks for being my readers in the first place. It all starts there. Have I mentioned recently that I appreciate you? Without you, I'd be out of a job.