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The Bet: Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Andrew's winning horse: I'll Have AnotherA second year of The Bet is under the belts of four crazy authors. It's time to unveil the stories.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Bet, Andrew Smith, Kimberly Pauley, Brian Farrey and Yours Truly seem to lose our minds each year around Kentucky Derby day. That's when we bet on the Derby with each other, but with the writing of original short stories rather than money.

You can read about the first year's bet here, and learn more about this year's bet here

This year Andrew won, and so did not write a story. He gave Kimberly, who came in second, the title The Flat-Tire Man. Kimberly gave me the title Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge, which will make a lot of sense if you follow the crazy bet history. I came in third and gave Brian the title All of Nature Abhors a Vacuum. 

So here, without further ado, is Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge. You'll note it brings back the characters I introduced in last year's bet story, The Art of Being Stuck Here (Title assigned to me by Andrew Smith). So if you haven't read that one, you might enjoy the two stories back to back. The Art of Being Stuck Here can be read at this link

You should be able to read the other two stories on Kimberly's and Brian's blog.

A thought: Three or four more years of The Bet, and then we put out an ebook of Bet stories. Are you game, fellow crazy authors?