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Remember Hiking and Travel?

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Ella at Tomales BayMe, too, though it was a distant memory for a while there. I used to post blogs about my hiking/camping/outdoor trips three or four times a year. Sometimes more. But it's been a tough year. Most of you know my mom passed away in March, and I've managed not to get out the door since. That means last time I went somewhere fun in the motor home was my failed Grand Canyon hike last November.

This is not said to elicit sympathy, nor am I feeling sorry for myself. It was just time to get back out there.

It's summer, and it's hot inland, so I headed up the coast. I stayed two nights at Dillon Beach north of San Francisco, and on the in-between day Ella and I hiked to the East Peak of Mt Tamalpais. Then we headed up to MacKerricher State Park, north of Fort Bragg. I'd been up there before, but never stayed. So this time I hiked the old Haul Road into town, and Ella and I went down to Glass Beach at 6:00 in the morning to beat the crowds. We stayed for an hour, took tons of photos (well, I took photos, anyway--Ella takes very few) and never saw another soul. We had the beach all to ourselves. 

After hiking Mt TamSo I added three new albums to my photo pages. And it's been a while since I have. I added an album for the Mt Tam hike, one for Glass Beach, and another album of miscellaneous photos of Dillon Beach and MacKerricher.

I have to say, in all honesty, it was hard to take a trip without my mom along. I'm sure that's part of why I put it off so long. But life goes on, and my life is better when I get outdoors.

Hope you enjoy the photos. 

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg