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Look What the UPS Guy Just Brought Me

Catherine Ryan Hyde

I love it when I get big cartons of books in the mail, especially new books. And I got both of these just today. Just now.

This is the Amazon Publishing (U.S.) edition of my brand new novel Walk Me Home, and the Amazon Encore reissue of When I Found You. Isn't it pretty? Actually, aren't they both? They are both scheduled for release on April 23rd.

Now, maybe this wouldn't mean much to you if this bounty was only for me. But it's not. I'm going to give some of these puppies away.

So...sudden giveaway. Five copies each. U.S., please (sorry, wonderful U.K. readers, but these are available in a different edition where you live, and the postage is really, really expensive). Leave a comment telling me which one you want to be in the running for. More people will choose Walk Me home, because they may have read When I Found You, or because everyone likes to get the newest one. But if you haven't read When I Found You, consider that the competition in that category will be much lighter, and your odds of winning greater.

Don't forget to enter your name under "author," not mine. That confuses people because they think of me as the author, but in this case it means author of the comment. And don't forget to enter your email in the proper space, so I know how to reach you if you win. It won't show publicly, and I won't use it for anything else. Please don't enter your email in the body of your comment, or it will show publicly, which I'm guessing you don't want.

I'll choose five winners for each book at random on the first of April. That way you'll get your book while you still can't buy it.

Comment away, and good luck!