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Yellowstone At Last

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Yellowstone had gotten to be a sad milestone for me. For those who know me, or follow this blog, the plan was to take my mom in 2012, for her 90th birthday. But she passed away a few weeks before her 90th, and I didn't travel much last year.

Then I tried to go myself in the fall, but had trouble with my motor home. It turned out to be nearly nothing. Just brake lights that weren't dependably going off (and, left on, were running the battery down). But you really don't (or, anyway, I really don't) travel four or five states away from home if you don't know why the vehicle doesn't start when you turn the key.

I finally made it at the end of last month. There were a few more repairs required. Alas, the rig is nine years old and needs more help and attention. But I finally got there. And it was worth the hype.

I guess it's better than neither one of us ever getting there.

I really didn't hike. Ella was not allowed anywhere, and it's not like the old days when I could leave her and my mom back in camp to keep each other company. Anyway, that was a good excuse. But truthfully, I'm not sure I was ready for the whole grizzly bear experience. I didn't have a hiking party of three or more, as recommended, and though I could have gotten some bear spray, I think just buying it would be enough to talk me out of going.

It was more of a driving tour experience, with a lot of traipsing up and down boardwalks and taking photos and video.


Please do check out the My Photos page for more Yellowstone photos, if interested.

It's been a long time since I posted a travel blog. Hope I never have to go this long again.