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The 15th Anniversary Edition of Pay It Forward is here!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Today (December 23) is a book birthday of sorts. Today is the day Simon & Schuster releases the 15th Anniversary Edition of the Pay It Forward book, the original adult version. It has a lovely new cover, a new introduction by me, and it's a great celebration of the fact that the book has been in print for fifteen years! The more you know about the publishing business, the more you will appreciate how truly unusual that is.

I told my former agents (they are now in a new line of work) years ago that my goal was for Pay It Forward to stay in print longer than I do. Well, I still have a few good decades in me, but so far so good.

Pay It Forward fans, please pass it on. Great time to buy copies to give as gifts. Yeah, I know. We just missed Christmas buying. But Pay It Forward is about giving all year round, not just on Christmas.

Thanks to all of you who made this book such a success and kept it in print all these years by buying copies. You are appreciated!