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Taking Giveaways to a New Level (Soon)

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Not too long ago I wrote a blog post called "No More Ebook Only." I had made the decision to add paperback editions of my three books that had previously been available only in Kindle. (The Long, Steep Path, Always Chloe and Other Stories, and Subway Dancer and Other Stories.) I made my initial choice because I knew these books--an essay collection and two story collections--would not sell quite as briskly as my novels. And the vast majority of my book sales are in Kindle these days. So I didn't expect to see a great deal of sales on those paperbacks. But when I could afford to, I added them anyway. Because some of my readers still love paper, and some read exclusively in paper. I didn't want them to be left out.

Then along came 365 Days of Gratitude (well, it will be coming along... soon) and a conundrum. The book consists of some text, yes, but mostly 365 high-resolution color photos. My production cost on a paperback is likely more than you would want to pay. Once I have it distributed to bookselling sites, and they take their cut, the price tag I'd have to put on it would be downright silly.

But I made a decision. I'm going to have it set up for paperback anyway. But I'm not going to sell it. I'm going to start by ordering fifty copies for my own use, with the option for more. And I'm going to offer them to readers, but as gifts and giveaways. That way I can honestly say that none of my books are available in ebook only.

So keep an eye on this blog. It will take awhile to get the paperback set up. But I promise to keep you posted when it's here, and available to be won. I'll probably give some away on my Facebook author page as well. 

More news as it becomes available.