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Gratitude giveaway with a twist

Catherine Ryan Hyde

So this is something a little different.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a nice guy named Jeff at a company called USB Memory Direct. They supply USB flash drives in bulk that can be customized with any logo or cover art. Jeff offered me a small shipment of these personalized flash drives absolutely free, suggesting that I could give them away to readers, possibly loaded with a digital copy of one of my books. Who am I to say no to something that I can give away to you lovely folks absolutely free?

So here's where the gratitude comes in.

The Kindle edition of my photo book 365 Days of Gratitude: Photos from a Beautiful World is quite affordable, but usually ends up being viewed on small devices. The coffee table-size paperback has full color photos in a larger format, but it's pricey because it's expensive to produce. It struck me that this is the perfect book to view on your computer monitor, where the photos are crisp, bright, and huge. And free. And no ebook software required.

Take a look at what I mean. And this is just on a 15" laptop and not viewed full-screen.

So I loaded ten of these lovely personalized flash drives with a .PDF file of the photo book, and I'm ready to give them away. There's a ton of space left on these drives, by the way, so you can use them to store other things as well.

Short version of how to enter: LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in the comment form (a space for it will come up after your first click) or I won't be able to notify you if you win.

Happy photo viewing!