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Happy book birthday to "Der Klang der Pferdehufe"!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

I've been waiting patiently (okay, not really--impatiently) for the 26th of January and the release of Der Klang der Pferdehufe in Germany. Literally translated, it means "The Sound of Horse's Hooves" and it's the German translation of The Language of Hoofbeats.

Now I know you might be thinking, "But it's only the 25th." But by late afternoon Pacific Time on the 25th here in the US, it's the 26th in Germany. And the ebook should be dropping onto Kindles even as we speak.

For those of you who don't know, German readers have really stepped up and embraced these books, and they are doing very well on, especially in Kindle. As of this writing, I have three books in the German Kindle Top 100: Ich Bliebe Hier, which has been in the Top 100 for 382 days, Als Ich Dich Fand, which has been in the Top 100 for 308 days, and Wir Kommen Mit, more recently released, at 44 days.

If you're one of my German readers, I hope you enjoy the new one, and I hope to hear from you. Thanks for making these books such a success!