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Any German readers within the sound of my voice?

Catherine Ryan Hyde


I'm not sure how many of you know this, but my books have been well received in the German marketplace, with eight translated titles so far and several more in the works. My newest German release is "Wohin der Wind uns führt" or "Where the Wind Takes Us," which is a translation of my 2008 novel "Chasing Windmills."

My Amazon Crossing publisher was nice enough, just this morning, to give me free download codes for eight digital audiobooks of "Wohin der Wind uns führt" that I can give out in any way I see fit.

So now the question: Are you one of my German readers? Do you know someone who reads in German? I sure would like to find good homes for all of these.

Let me know in the comments below if you are interested, either for yourself or someone you know. I'll give these away on a first-come basis until they are gone.

Happy reading!

***UPDATE*** So these have gone a whole lot faster than I imagined they would! I've already given away six of the eight codes on a first-come basis. I don't wan't them all to be gone when my subscriber's get their email of this post. So I am going to go on collecting names for a couple of days and then I will draw for the last two. Sound fair?