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The making of a scene from Don't Let Me Go

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Some of you may have heard a slight leak of information (probably on Facebook and probably direct from Yours Truly) regarding a short film based on a scene from this book, filmed in live action.

But... why am I telling you what it's going to be when this "making of" video (below) can say it all for me?

The video of the scene itself is not far behind, so "watch this space" for more news as it becomes available.

And don't forget the Kindle ebook edition of Don't Let Me Go is being offered at a special price right now. Only $0.99 today, tomorrow, and Thursday. Pass it on! And please pass this video along, too, to anyone you think might enjoy the book. Thanks, faithful readers!

The Bet: We Still Crazy

Catherine Ryan Hyde

California ChromeNo, that was not a typo in the title of this post. I'm practicing my trash-talk voice.

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept of The Bet, it goes a little something like this. Well, actually, it goes a lot like this. Author Brian Farrey read an article somewhere about Steven King making a bet that involved, rather than money, the writing of a short story. The "winner" got to dictate the title to the "loser." (Now I ask you, how can you be a winner if you don't get to write a story and a loser if you do?) He proposed the idea on Twitter to see if any authors were crazy enough to take him up on it. Fortunately for Brian, authors are nothing if not a crazy bunch.

The call was answered by authors Andrew Smith, Kimberly Pauley, and yours truly. But I'm pleased to say that this year, year four(!), we are being joined by the wonderful author David Lubar.

Here's how it works: We each pick a horse in the Kentucky Derby. For the purposes of The Bet, they are--or might as well be--the only horses running. In other words, they don't need to win. They just need to beat each other. The person whose horse comes in first dictates a title to the author whose horse comes in second, and so on. The "winner" doesn't get to write a story, and the last place "loser" doesn't get to dictate a title.

My horse this year is the very winning California Chrome. I'd tell you their horses, but two have already been scratched and the bettors will have to choose again.

Stay tuned on derby day. And if you want something to read in the meantime, here are some links to my stories from previous years: The Art of Being Stuck Here, Uncle Mo Hold a Grudge, and Even Pidgeons Can Sing. Wish me luck. I haven't won yet. Then again, I like to write stories. So I'm not complaining. 

The Bet 2013: Even Pigeons Can Sing

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Itsmyluckyday, the bum.For those of you who follow this blog, you probably know all about The Bet. Three crazy authors, Brian Farrey, Kimberly Pauley and Andrew Smith have a yearly bet with equally crazy me. We each choose a horse in the Kentucky Derby. The person whose horse comes in first (only compared to the other three--it makes no difference who actually wins the race) assigns a story title to the second-place finisher, who has to write a short story to go with that title. And who also assigns a title to the third place finisher, etc. The person who comes in dead last doesn't get to stick anybody with a title.

Lucky me. I was dead last.

Brian came in first, so will not be writing a story. He will, however, be acting kingly and sitting in judgment, along with a fair amount of trash talking. His story title for Andrew, who came in second, is "Journey, Crimson, Nightmare, Name." Andrew gave third-place finisher Kimberly the title "The Druggist and the Apostrophe." Kimberly gave me the title "Even Pigeons Can Sing." She was rather specific about the fact that the Uncle Mo meme could finally end this year.

I set out to write a story with all new characters. But the title and theme led me right back to Tim and Brian. And as soon as I got there, I realized that, after last year's story, we just had to know what was hiding up in Uncle Mo's closet.

In case you want to read these interconnected stories in order, here is the full set of links:

2011: The Art of Being Stuck Here

2012: Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge

2013: Even Pigeons Can Sing

As soon as Kimberly and Andrew have posted their stories, I'll add links to them in a follow-up.

Happy reading!

Fun Games for Book Birthdays

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Today is a double book birthday for me. Other than the day we brought out my four backlist titles as ebooks, I've never had more than one book released on a single day. Today my newest novel Walk Me Home goes on sale from Amazon Publishing, and When I Found You re-releases in an Amazon Encore edition.

And I'm trying to think of a way to celebrate that's new and different. So here goes. 

Did you know that authors just love hearing your favorite lines and quotes from the books? Well, I can't speak for all authors, but this author does. A lot of you haven't read Walk Me Home yet. Then again, I've been giving away lots of copies, so some of you have. Or will. Very soon. And I know a huge number of you have read When I Found You.

So if you'll take a minute to tell me your favorite line or lines in the comments below, I'll choose the ones that match with my own favorites, and give some more books away. If I choose you, just name a book of mine that you haven't read, but would like to. And that's what you'll win.

Don't forget to enter your email address in the comment form, so I can contact you if you win. I will not contact you for any other reason. And remember the "author" field in the form is for the author of the comment (you) not the author of the books (me).

Easy, right? I try to make it easy. I still have tons of books in my garage from the days when I traveled and spoke. Books don't belong in my garage. They belong in your hands.

Have at it!


More Kitty: Jordan

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Remember the More Kitty and More Puppy memes, in which I spotlighted my own pets (one current, some former) and those of my readers? I guess I'm briefly bringing that back.

If you follow me on social networks, you undoubtedly know there's someone new in the house. His name is Jordan, and much to the chagrin of my dog Ella, he is a cat.

I'm not going to go into great detail about their introduction, because I'm guessing most of you follow me on Facebook, or could easily enough (if I'm wrong about this, let me know in the comment section below). And I have gone into quite a bit of detail each day. I've left reports almost every day to chronicle the process of the cat and dog getting to know each other with no bloodshed, and with a minimum of chasing, clawing, hiding and hurt feelings. My Twitter friends also probably noticed shorter updates. (Hey, it's Twitter. Short is built in.)

I'd have thought people would quickly grow sick to death of hearing about the minor ups and downs of a dog and a cat learning to get along. I would have been wrong. If anybody is not enjoying it, they've kept it to themselves. And I can't tell you how many people have told me they enjoy "watching" the progress. I guess it's more encouraging than watching the process of peace in the Middle East, the gun debate, or Congress. 

As you can see, it's going well. (Jordan and Ella, not peace in the Middle East, the gun debate, or Congress.) 







So far as I know, I haven't said much, if anything, on social media regarding why I adopted a cat. So I'll do that here. I'll start with why I didn't get a cat a long time ago:

1) I love cats. I grew up with a beautiful Siamese named Ming. I had other cats in (young) adulthood. Then I adopted a parrot named Ziggy. I got help finger-training him from a young man who clipped his wing feathers for the purpose of training. They never grew back in properly. So he never flew dependably well. So I didn't get a cat while he was alive. He lived to be 27.

2) My goal just before I adopted Ella was to adopt a dog and a cat more or less together. That way, I figured, they'd be more likely to accept each other. But on the same week I got Ella from the Humane Society, I began seeing someone who was allergic to cats. So I just adopted the dog. A couple of years later, Ella seemed quite jumpy and chase-y (sure, that's a word) when we saw a cat on the street. So I figured it was too late, I had missed my moment.

Why I changed my mind now:

Ella's friend Tony1) Ella has a new doggy friend. His name is Tony. He comes over sometimes when his people go away for a long day. And Ella is welcome over there any time. But they have a cat, Edward. And I wasn't sure how that would work out. But Ella met Edward, and she was FINE.

2) Most of you know my mom passed away in March of 2012. It's been a little too quiet around here. For both Ella and me. Part of me worried Ella would be sorry I adopted the cat, jealous, or maybe constantly on guard. Another part of me felt it's almost always better to step outside one's comfort zone. I'd rather have a life that's richer and broader than one that's comfortably unchallenged. And I decided I wanted the same for my dog. Our "pack" had shrunk from three to two, and that felt too small. Less like a family and more like a person and a dog. 

3) I kept seeing these Facebook ads during the holidays asking if my home and my heart weren't big enough to take in one more homeless pet. (Hint: turns out they were.)

So I'm formally introducing my blog readers to Jordan, who is from H.A.R.T. (Homeless Animal Rescue Team) in Cambria.

I'm still open to feature other people's pets, if you want to send photos and stories. And if you want to go back and see the ones I've featured in the past, you can click on the blog index category Pets, Mine & My Readers.

I have a new blog meme coming up this year to help newer authors by spotlighting their newly-released books with in-depth discussions. And I have no fewer than four new book releases of my own for 2013, possibly more. So, as always, please do stay tuned.

Holiday Gifts for Readers

Catherine Ryan Hyde

I don't know if you've noticed this, but I tend to give a lot of stuff away for free. I think it's because I have so many lovely, faithful readers who I feel deserve the gifts.

This hit me rather suddenly this morning:

If you've followed my blog for a long time, you'll know that a little over two years ago, I closed out a storage space and brought the many, many cartons of books home to my garage. At first, they barely fit. So I started giving some away. I wrote a blog post asking readers to send me a self-addressed, stamped mail bag. And I sent them books. 

Now it's about to be the holidays. The books fit in my garage (barely). But there are still plenty. Stacks upon stacks of boxes. I don't travel and speak the way I used to, and I don't intend to die of old age with books in my garage. So...

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Don't Let Me Go Times Two

Catherine Ryan Hyde

If you're a regular follower of my blog, you'll know there are two books for sale right now with the title Don't Let Me Go. One is my newest US release, published last year in the UK. The other is an amazing debut novel by J.H. Trumble. Sound like a confusion, or a conflict? Only if you see it that way. Janet and I have bonded over it, become friends, and decided one reflects well on the other.

So we came up with the idea to do a blog feature on the two DLMGs. Below are a handful of questions about our books that we both answered. Another set of questions, such as major themes, favorite character, and a little about reader comments and fan letters are posted right now on Janet's blog. I'll include a link again at the end so you can just keep reading.

Here goes:

The story behind the title

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Join Me For a Live Event

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Next Friday, June 29th, I'm going to be presenting Don't Let Me Go to my US readers. It's available for purchase now, either in ebook or paperback format. But the actual launch is Friday the 29th.

I'm marking this event in a couple of ways. They dovetail nicely, I think.

First, I'm having a special live event, a sort of get-together in cyberspace, for my readers. It's hosted by Shindig, and open to all. You can turn on your webcam and really be right there in the virtual library with us. Or just your voice can show up. Or you can hover unseen, and ask a question by the old-fashioned typing method if you prefer. The good news is, wherever you are, so long as you can get online, that's where the event is being held.

It's absolutely free. And here's the second way I'm marking this event: The ebook of Don't Let Me Go will be on free promotion that day, and the following day. So rather than a free event where I try to get you to show up and buy my book, the event is free, and so is the book we'll be talking about.

It starts at 3:00 p.m. Pacific time, 6:00 p.m. Eastern. Here's all you need to do. Click this link to go to my Catherine Ryan Hyde Presents: Don't Let Me Go page. Pick up your free cyberticket. The reason you're signing up in advance is so you'll get a reminder email with instructions for joining the chat event.

It's that simple! Hope to see you there. Literally!

The Bet: Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Andrew's winning horse: I'll Have AnotherA second year of The Bet is under the belts of four crazy authors. It's time to unveil the stories.

For those of you unfamiliar with The Bet, Andrew Smith, Kimberly Pauley, Brian Farrey and Yours Truly seem to lose our minds each year around Kentucky Derby day. That's when we bet on the Derby with each other, but with the writing of original short stories rather than money.

You can read about the first year's bet here, and learn more about this year's bet here

This year Andrew won, and so did not write a story. He gave Kimberly, who came in second, the title The Flat-Tire Man. Kimberly gave me the title Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge, which will make a lot of sense if you follow the crazy bet history. I came in third and gave Brian the title All of Nature Abhors a Vacuum. 

So here, without further ado, is Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge. You'll note it brings back the characters I introduced in last year's bet story, The Art of Being Stuck Here (Title assigned to me by Andrew Smith). So if you haven't read that one, you might enjoy the two stories back to back. The Art of Being Stuck Here can be read at this link

You should be able to read the other two stories on Kimberly's and Brian's blog.

A thought: Three or four more years of The Bet, and then we put out an ebook of Bet stories. Are you game, fellow crazy authors?

The Bet Rides Again

Catherine Ryan Hyde

My horse, Union RagsAnybody remember The Bet from last year? It started with my Twitter bud Brian Farrey musing on the Stephen King article in the Atlantic, in which King reveals that the short story "Herman Wouk is Still Alive" was written to satisfy a bet.

Apparently that's all you have to tell four crazy writers. Brian (With or Without You), Kimberly Pauley (Sucks to be Me), Andrew Smith (Stick, The Marbury Lens) and I went crazy and created The Bet, which shall heretofore (how's that for a fun word) be known as The Bet #1. We each chose a horse in the Kentucky Derby. For the purposes of The Bet, our horses were only running against each other, not the field as a whole. In other words, it didn't matter if my horse won. He won if he came in ahead of their horses.

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The Other Don't Let Me Go

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Not sure how many of you know this, but the fabulous author J.H. Trumble has, by pure coincidence, also written a novel called Don't Let Me Go. It's very different from my Don't Let Me Go. But it's a great LGBT-based story for teens [I stand corrected--Janet tells me it's being released as an adult book, undoubtedly with YA crossover potential] so it's not so different from the things I write. Just different from my novel of the same name.

I'm posting a photo of Janet reading my Don't Let Me Go, and me reading her Don't Let

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The Truth About Me & The Princess

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Finally, the truth of my relationship with the Princess Lamballe.

Well, right off the bat, I must admit we can’t have known each other terribly well.  She was a contemporary of Marie Antoinette.  She died in 1792.  But I must be quite the expert on her life and death.  Because, according to just about every online bookseller on the planet (unless I’ve corrected the listing and it hasn’t yet reverted) I edited her secret memoirs.  Says so right there on the Amazon page.  Edited by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

Now, if you look at the cover, it tells a slightly different story.  It says it was edited by

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The Bet, Part Three: The Story

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Dear Archarcharch, get well soon.Well...if you haven't read The Bet or The Bet, Part Two...I'd suggest it.  Otherwise you're likely to feel like you missed something.  But if that's too much trouble, there's always the short recap:

Okay, there were these four crazy authors.  I was one of them.  I still am.  The other three were Andrew Smith, Brian Farrey and Kimberly Pauley.  It was all Brian's idea, so I guess he's even crazier than the rest of us.  Then again, he didn't end up having to write a story, so maybe he's crazy like a fox.  The idea was to place a bet, the losers of said bet having to write a story with a title handed to them by the winner.  We settled

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The Bet, Results-wise

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Yes, this confirms it.  We are authors, not horse-racing experts.

Dialed In came in 8th, Pants on Fire 9th, Archarcharch 15th (but, in his and my defense, injured) and poor Comma to the Top finished 19th out of 19.  What happened to Comma to the Top? First or second through what seemed like the whole race, then dead last.

Archarcharch had to be taken off the track in an animal ambulance, but the early reports are optimistic.  A non-displaced and non-life threatening lateral condylar fracture. 

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The Bet, Part Two

Catherine Ryan Hyde

For those of you who didn't read my first blog post about the bet, the whole thing goes a little something like this.  I'm in a 4-way bet with three other authors, inspired by the bet in this Atlantic article about a Stephen King short story, “Herman Wouk is Still Alive.” Fellow author Brian Farrey found and tweeted it.

“Every year my son Owen and I have a bet on the NCAA March Madness Tournament,” King said, “and last year the stakes were that the loser would have to write a story [with a title] the winner gave to him. And I lost. Except I really won, because I got this story that I really like.”

Along with the link, Brian tweeted, “Anybody wanna make a bet with similar stakes w/me?”

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My Dog, the Cat

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Okay.  This was my morning.  After five years of living with a camera-shy pup, this morning I was able to film Ella doing something she does often, that I think is a bit unusual: she washes her face like a cat.

I read somewhere that the Chinese Crested is the only dog who does this, and Ella is half Chinese Crested and half Scottie.  I don't know if that's true, if all Chinese Crested dogs do, or if no other dogs ever tried it.  I don't even know if anybody believed me..until now.

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Everybody's Casting Call

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Here's a fun thing that I sincerely hope a few of my readers will try.  There's a great site,  I was just reminded, via a Storycasting "tweet," that it was May 1, 2008 when I "cast the first cast" on the new site.  (First author cast, really, but I couldn't resist saying "cast the first cast.")  I was invited to participate, it sounded like fun, and I went out and cast the theoretical remake of Pay It Forward.  (Don't get me started.)

Since then, I've cast some of the characters for a few of my other titles, so you can see how they look in "the movie in my mind."  

Now I'm inviting you to give it a try.

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