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Love in the Present Tense

Find ebook here      Find paperback here     This title is also available in audio editions

Find ebook here

Find paperback here

This title is also available in audio editions

Love in the Present Tense is an adult novel (though it’s always a little hard to tell) published in hardcover by Doubleday/Flying Dolphin Press in the Spring of 2006, in trade paperback by Vintage in the Summer of 2007, and soon after in the UK by Transworld/Black Swan. 

In my own words: 

This is the story of Mitch, Leonard and Pearl, and it’s told from each of their voices and viewpoints.  Pearl is only 13 (in fact, it’s her 13th birthday) when she gets pregnant and accidentally shoots the father of her baby with his own gun.  Oh yeah, did I mention he was a cop?  Leonard is the little boy who arrives prematurely (“borned” too soon) several months later, and he means the world to Pearl.  She nurtures him, protects him. Tries to help him outrun their past.  Mitch is the neighbor who looks after Leonard when Pearl is cleaning houses.  In fact, Mitch is looking out for 5-year-old Leonard the day Pearl drops him off and never returns.

Mitch has a little growing up to do himself.  He’s running a start-up business and engaged in a long-running secret affair with the mayor’s wife.  Oh, and did I mention that the mayor is by far and away his biggest client?  Let’s just say Mitch has commitment issues.

But don’t worry.  Leonard will raise him right.

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What the Reviewers had to say:

Kirkus Reviews said it was, "Sparked with humanity and a lively vernacular." 

Publishers Weekly said, "Her story of love that transcends time, place and human weakness is a worthy successor (to Pay It Forward)." 

And Booklist called it, "A rich, engaging story told through the voices of three very extraordinary people."