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Book Birthday and Blog Tour

Catherine Ryan Hyde

This is the day for my Young Adult novel Jumpstart the World.  This is its "on sale date."  And I'm pretty excited. Even more so than usual.  There's just something about this one.  It's close to my heart.

I also want to announce that I have an absolutely incredible blog tour coming up.  Four weeks.  Seventeen blogs. Four Jumpstart the World reviews, one each week. Three reviews for other books of mine. Four author interviews, two book excerpts, two entirely new scenes I created just for this tour...had enough yet?  I hope not. Because there's more. Two character interviews, one with Elle and one with Frank.  And three guest posts written by yours truly.

This is the kind of tour that makes me love the Internet.  If I had to get on a plane and travel for a tour of this length, I'd be history before the tour was.

Here are the terrific people and blogs who are supporting me and Jumpstart the World.  I hope you'll check them out and see what they do for authors, readers and books (in a world where print reviews are shrinking out of existence).  They deserve it.

Kari at A Good AddictionCorrine at Lost for WordsSamantha at Read Sam ReadHattie at DeRaps Reads, Stephanie at Steph the Bookworm, Danielle at There's A BookTaylor at The Library Lurker, Khelsea at Once Upon a Review, Melanie at Reclusive BibliophileKelsey at The Book Scout, Lindsay at Just Another Book AddictBrent at Naughty Book KittiesSara at The Hiding Spot, Mariah at Mariah's Reading Adventure, Jami at YA Addict, Kim at The Book Butterfly, and Bri at Bri Hearts Books

The fun starts on October 18th.  Please join us.  Won't be long now!