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When It Rains, It Pours

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Today has been an incredible day for media.  For media combined with me, that is.

To start out the day, I found I have a piece on the AOL News site Daily Finance.  It's called The (Paltry) Economics of Being a Novelist.

Then I found out my Teen Ink Interview is posted online.

Then I was sent a link to two really outstanding pieces.  One is a review of Jumpstart the World, and the other is an interview with me in relation to the book, both by Laur McSpadden and both in The Empty Closet.  I would really recommend these to anyone who wants to know more about the book, or about me.  They are unusually in-depth.

I'm sure it isn't lost on any of you that links are embedded above.

All this against the backdrop of my 17-blog, month-long Jumpstart the World Blog Tour.  I'll post about that tour when it wraps up, so you'll have links to follow the stops all at once, after the fact, if you haven't been following as it goes.

It's been a good day.