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Erin and Betty Ann

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Those of you who are reading the Sainsbury's Book Club edition of Second Hand Heart will already know Erin and Betty Ann.  If not, a brief background.  Betty Ann is a living kidney donor, and Erin is the recipient of her incredible gift.  I wrote about their experiences in a true donor story as an exclusive for the Sainsbury's edition. Betty Ann was Erin's third donor, and Erin's situation was quite desperate by the time the third kidney arrived. And Erin and Betty Ann barely knew each other then.  But they sure know each other now.

I also mentioned in the story that, after six long years of waiting due to her health issues, Erin and her finance, Joe, were finally planning their wedding.  Imagine my delight when Erin's mother sent me wedding photos, including one of Erin with all three of her donors!  And the timing was such that a copy of the book containing her story got to her just in time to take along on the honeymoon.

And here's some good news that I get to add after the fact: If you didn't read the exclusive in the Sainsbury's edition, you can now read a similar article on the Positive Impact Magazine website! (I don't know why, and I'm sorry, but for some reason the link always goes to the home page, and you have to search Betty Ann and Erin to get the article.)

So here they are, Erin and Betty Ann.  I'll start with one taken in the hospital and then move right along to the wedding.   

Betty Ann at Erin's bedside after the transplant

Wedding day--Erin with her three living donorsErin and Joe, after six long years of waitingThe wedding partyYou've got to love a story with a happy ending, right?  My work here is done.