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A Gift, Not a Contest

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Well. This is a problem, isn't it? When you just have too many books you want to give away? I was waiting for the scavenger hunt to be over before I started giving away free ebooks of When I Found You. But the coupon code is only good until the end of the month. So I decided I'd better get at it. My readers will just have to cope with multiple giveaways all at the same time.

Here's my thinking on giving away e-copies of When I Found You. I did this with Second Hand Heart when the U.S. ebook and paperback came out, and it worked out very well. (Please note: Second Hand Heart and When I Found You are not available only as ebooks. They are also in paperback on Amazon. But I can't afford to give away a big number of the paperbacks, so I'm talking a bit more about the ebooks.)

If you leave a comment below saying you'd like to read it, I will send you the coupon code for a free ebook download. This is not a contest. It's a gift. Everyone who says they want one will get one. I do feel I need to limit this to my US/Canada readers, however, because it isn't fair to my UK publisher to give away a title they currently have for sale.

Do leave your email address, so I know where to send it. If you enter it in the optional email field (not in the body of the comment) it won't show publicly. And I won't use it for anything but sending your free ebook info.

Of course I hope that you'll review the book (on a blog, on Amazon, or...?) and/or mention it on Twitter or Facebook if you enjoy it as much as most readers say they did. But of course there is absolutely no obligation to do anything but accept it. My experience is that if you like it, you'll spread the word, especially if I give you a copy as a gift. But that's just my hope. There are no strings attached.

The coupon code is for the Smashwords site, which offers downloads for all ereaders, plus a couple of regular file downloads you can read right on your computer. So if you don't have an ereader (Kindle or Nook, for example) that doesn't stop you from taking me up on this offer.

I'll accept requests for the next two weeks (until the 25th), and then I'll be too busy getting ready to head out to the Grand Canyon. Comment away!