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More Kitty: Oliver and Boo

Catherine Ryan Hyde

I've been telegraphing the fact that the More Puppy meme would soon give way to a More Kitty meme.  Lots of my fabulous readers have fabulous kitties, and this is nothing if not an equal opportunity meme.  In fact, before I'm done, I'm planning a run of far more unusual pets, some of which I've had in the past (a boa constrictor, a peacock, a POA pony) and others that I hope my readers will supply.  But...see how easily I get off track?  Back to the kitties.

You met Oliver and Boo briefly in my post about pets under covers.  They belong to my devoted reader and literary super-fan Patty Ann Wieczorek.  Those of you who have seen the My Fabulous Readers slideshow have seen Patty Ann holding a number of my books under a store sign that says "Catherine's."

Time for Oliver and Boo to have their very own post to kick off the More Kitty meme.

Patty Ann writes:

These are my babies.  We got Boo first at the local shelter.  He, along with his brothers and sisters, was left in a dumpster by a gas station.  Fortunately, someone rescued them and brought them to the shelter.  Because Boo is all black, no one wanted to adopt him (superstitious) and he was the last one left.  When I heard his story, I knew he was coming home with me! 

We got Oliver at a local pet store where we went in ONLY to buy cat food for Boo.  We saw Oliver and he rolled his head upside down and meowed.  That's all it took.  :)  Enjoy!

And I do, Patty Ann.  I always love to see people's treasured pets.  Saving (what I consider to be) the best for last:  This is the move that got Ollie of of the pet store.  I can see how that would do it.

Thanks, Patty Ann.  More kitties to follow.