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Vicarious Kayaking, Anyone?

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Those who follow my various social networks may know that I went kayaking with my friend Doug last Sunday morning. And did not bring my camera. Because...well, you know. It's a boat. Things get wet out there. And, of course, I saw the most amazing things. A waddle parade of white pelicans on the sand spit. A bat ray gliding under the boats in a foot of very clear water.

Of course, when I got back, I had to Facebook and tweet about all the things I wished I could have photographed. I got some good advice, including a "tough" camera that's waterproof. And doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Anyway, I went out again today. Early. And this time I dug my drybag out of the garage and packed my digital camera and camcorder with me. Yes, it added up to a lot of time opening and closing the drybag. But I felt it was worth it. I really love being able to share what I see when I'm out in nature.

Here are a few photos, and a video that includes an otter doing the backstroke. The only guy who didn't choose to make a reappearance was the bat ray. Can't have everything.








Oh. By the way. I shouldn't act like this goes without saying. This is Morro Bay estuary. I launched in the little cove by the natural history museum and stayed mostly in the back bay. Along the sand spit. Where it's quieter. Where I can hear more birds and fewer people.

Hope you enjoy the photos and videos. I'm always talking about vicarious hiking. Now you can take a vicarious paddle. But if you're ever in the Morro Bay area, take one for real. They rent kayaks along the Embarcadero.

Many more photos from today's paddle HERE.