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More Puppy: Jasper

Catherine Ryan Hyde

My friend Mary Jo Smith-Obolensky and her daughter Joanna Celeste sent me these photos of their buddy Jasper. Now, this guy is a cutie. Not that they're not all. But this little guy is a scene-stealer, in my opinion.

Mary Jo says, "Well here is a little bit on Jasper--I hope it is OK... it is hard to write just a little about him!

"I found Jasper and he was thin and sickly, already 5 years old. I brought him home and he was so traumatized by the recent abandonment, someone had to be with him at all times. He was particularly upset when I had to leave the house, so I bought a papoose and would carry him in there, like a Joey, with a lot of physical contact.  He loved that.

"He healed emotionally and then we discovered he had arrived with all kinds of food allergies! They would manifest in ear infections and even developed into a limp, his joints started to deteriorate. So we tried everything – acupuncture, massage, special food and anti-inflammatory medicine, homeopathy and antibiotics. We threw the kitchen sink at the problem. Several vets and years later, we solved it! Finally we got our tiger in good shape.

"He is playful, very loving, loves affection and takes care of us. He is half Schnauzer and half Maltese. So he is a perfect balance of manly and gentle dogginess.  We have had him for 6 years and he is the love of our lives!"

He is a love all right. Thanks for sharing Jasper!