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New Giveaway for the New Year

Catherine Ryan Hyde

I promised I'd give away more advance reader's copies of When You Were Older in the new year. Promise about to be kept.

For those who don't know, When You Were Older is my brand new UK novel, due to be released by Transworld (Random House Group) on 29 March. (Don't I say that just right, UK fans? I'm learning.) 

The blog reviews are coming in, and they're looking good. The Littlereader Library gave it a great review and so did Random Things Through My Letterbox. When the print reviews come in, I'll update this site to reflect them. Fingers crossed! can't be bought yet. Anywhere. Can't be bought in the US even this Spring. (Although smart US readers do find ways.) Want to win one? It's easy. If you didn't put your name in for the last contest (for this ARC specifically) just leave a comment below. That's all. Just say you want to be entered, and be sure to leave your email in the space for it in the comment form, so I can contact you if you win. (I won't use it for anything else.) If you entered the last drawing for this book but didn't win, good news. I still have the little slips of paper with your names on them, and they'll go back in the hat for an automatic second chance.

I'll run this contest for ten days. Comment away!