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Show Your Face as Part of "The Pay It Forward Movement"

Catherine Ryan Hyde

I may have mentioned it briefly on this blog before, but my next reader slideshow is all Pay It Forward. It's a way of showing the world the faces behind the (growing by leaps and bounds!) Pay It Forward Movement. This year is looking to be a "tipping point" for Pay It Forward, so the time to do this is now. The Movement is about people, so let's get a look at them. See how varied and wonderful they really are.

I made the video I'm embedding below as a "call for submissions." I wanted you to hear the Pay It Forward song I'll be using (by permission, of course). It's by Mark David Miller with vocals by Elizabeth Melendrez. And everything you need to know about submitting a photo can be found in the video. I think. I hope. Unless I'm wrong, and I forgot something. In which case, since the video contains contact info for me (as does this site), feel free to ask questions.

Let's fill up a few of these while we're at it!

Here it is: