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Pay It Forward Giveaway Hop

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Two incredible bloggers (and by that I mean they have great blogs and are great people, both), Adam of Roof Beam Reader and Lauren of Shooting Stars Mag, are holding a giveaway and a blog hop for bloggers.

According to the announcements on Adam's and Lauren's blog, these events are inspired by, and intended to celebrate the work

This kind of blows me away, to put it mildly. They are giving away prize packs, at least two of which include my books, which I'm happily donating. Bloggers who register to be part of the hop are then going to host their own giveaways, honoring...whoever they like. Anyone (or anything) they feel deserves the added attention. That's where the Pay It Forward part comes in. Bloggers then turn around and shine a spotlight where they feel it deserves to go.

I want to mention that both Adam and Lauren are part of my Blogger Wednesday series, and their interviews are coming up at the end of May and the beginning of June. But at the time I asked them if they'd be open to an interview, I had no idea they were planning this.

It's just another amazing example of why I love book bloggers the way I do. The online blogging community really is a community in the true sense of the word. So of course there are struggles, as in any community. But there's also support. Bloggers support each other, and they support authors.

This author, for one, is grateful.

If you have a blog, please do go check out the giveaway hop.

It's official. The blogging community Pays It Forward. Not that I ever doubted them.

Thanks, Lauren and Adam.