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NBC Nightly News!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

It's close to time, but I'd like to encourage all of you who are interested in Pay It Forward to watch NBC Nightly News tonight. They're going to be doing a story on Pay It Forward/Good Samaritans/Random Acts of Kindness. And they sent a film crew all the way down from San Francisco so the producer could interview me in my home.

I have no idea how long I'll be onscreen, and how much will end up on the cutting room floor. But you might want to tune in, or set it to record. 

And I'm sure by about tomorrow it will be accessible on their website, iTunes, etc. So I will update this blog post very soon with a link to the story, for anyone who missed it.

Fingers crossed for how it turns out. But all publicity for Pay It Forward is good publicity, right?

More when available. 

Oh. A "P.S.": In honor of my (possibly brief) appearance on NBC Nightly News, and any new readers it might bring, we've chosen my novel When You Were Older to feature at only 99 cents, right through the Thanksgiving weekend. But if you're one of my existing readers, you deserve a deal, too. The 99 cent Kindle ebook is available HERE. Happy reading!