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Celebrating a book birthday today!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

I'm vaguely questioning whether this even needs saying. My wonderful readers have been so all over this new book. Most of you have pre-ordered it. I already have excited posts and comments to Facebook saying that the ebook has just dropped onto their Kindles.

And besides, I've been doing a countdown to the book, for heaven's sake.

But I'm saying it anyway, if only because it's so exciting. Just in case there's anybody out there who doesn't know, this is a book birthday for me. This is the day The Language of Hoofbeats bursts out into the world.

The reviews are just lovely so far, and it seems to be enjoying a great reception.

If you preordered it, look on your Kindle. It should be there. If you didn't preorder it, if you go click the buy button now, for $4.99 you can be reading it in about 30 seconds.

Now that's something to celebrate! I hope you'll come back and share your thoughts, either publicly or by email. I always love to hear from you.