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An update on the Young Readers Book Program

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Most of you know that on October 30th of last year I announced the Pay It Forward Foundation's Young Readers Book Program with my blog post entitled You Can Pay It Forward to the Pay It Forward Foundation.

I asked people not only to spread the word that classroom sets of Pay It Forward: Young Readers' Edition are being given away free to teachers, but also spread the word that donations are needed to keep the program going.

Here's the update: We purchased 325 books with a donation made by me to get the program started. We purchased a second 325  copies with matching funds from the Foundation. We have given away almost 600 books to teachers all over the country as well as book grants to Australia and Sweden. We have 60 copies left.

What does that mean for the state of the Young Readers Book Program? That's up to you. We've received a few donations into the program, about enough to give two more book grants of 30 books each. Then what? We either get more money into the program, or we say it was great while it lasted. I hope we get more money into the program.

If you want to help, a small donation would be great, but so would sharing. If you all share this call to action, we'll have it made. Most people can kick in $10 or more, but the trick is reaching enough people. So please do share that we have books to give away, but know that they will be gone almost immediately. It's the call for donations that will keep these books flowing to teachers who couldn't otherwise afford them.

Here is the donation page of the foundation. There's a drop-down menu that will allow you to dedicate your funds directly to this program.

Thanks, and let's keep Paying It Forward!