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The Bet: Finally, finally, the story!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

My horse Mubtahij, the bum.

My horse Mubtahij, the bum.

So, a funny thing happened on the way to posting our stories for The Bet. We're supposed to have thirty days. You know. After the Kentucky Derby.

Right. I know.

Brian Farrey, Andrew Smith and I were the losers who had to write stories. Kimberly Pauley won. But then Andrew got super busy with his career (yeah, remember those?) and needed more time. Finally he told us to go ahead and post without him and he'd catch up.

So Brian and I made a nice, solid plan to post our stories on Monday. As in, two days ago. And I got all caught up in my nerves and practice and preparation for a dressage clinic (it's a horse thing) yesterday and today. And I completely forgot.

Moral of the story? No idea. Unless it's "Never trust a writer to get it right."

My story is HERE. It's called Good Enough to Play at Stevie's, a title given to me by Andrew Smith. Those of you who follow the bet will recognize the characters. They call me back year after year. And Brian Farrey's story is HERE. He used the title I gave him, Seize the Night. And Andrew will catch up.

Oh, and in case you want to read my previous years stories, they are: The Art of Being Stuck Here, Uncle Mo Holds a Grudge, and Even Pigeons Can Sing.

Happy reading! And next year we're going to get this right, I swear.