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Another Derby, the same set of fools

Catherine Ryan Hyde



I'm not sure which is harder to believe: that it's already this year's Kentucky Derby day, or that authors Brian Farrey, Kimberly Pauley, and yours truly have agreed to do the crazy bet thing again.

If you're not familiar with the insanity that comes over us each spring, you can read about the very first bet here.

My horse is Nyquist. Because I'm no fool. I'm on a two-book-a-year schedule, and I wanted to grab the horse most likely to come in ahead of Brian's and Kimberly's. Then again, it's a horse race. You never know.

If you're interested in reading the stories from previous years, last year's story, Good Enough to Play at Stevie's, is here. But it might pay to read them in order, as they are all interconnected. They are:  The Art of Being Stuck Here,  Uncle Mo Holds a GrudgeEven Pigeons Can Sing.

So if you're watching the race today, please root for Nyquist. And of course I'll keep you posted.