Catherine Ryan Hyde Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of more than 25 published and forthcoming books, including the bestselling When I found You, Pay It Forward, Don't Let Me Go, and Take Me With You.


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The Only Audiobook Ever Narrated by Me

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Recently I set out on what I thought might be an interesting project.

The only books of mine that are not available on audio (other than the YA books I published with Knopf) are the two story collections and my essay collection, THE LONG, STEEP PATH.

I thought the latter might be a great one to narrate myself, since it's nonfiction and about my life. In other words, I'm narrating my own experience in my own voice. So I gave that a go.

I do want to offer one disclaimer: It's a new announcement, but it's not a new book. It was published in 2013 and some of the essays are a little older than that. I write a lot about hiking, but only in the interest of sorting out life challenges. If it was a new book I'd be writing a lot about riding dressage in the interest of sorting out life challenges.

In any case, for those who are interested in hearing me narrate some true stories from my own life, the audiobook is available HERE.

Happy... um... listening!