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The Offers Still Stand

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Several months ago, I posted a blog making an offer.  I had just cleaned out a storage space full of books, mostly my first two small-press titles, Funerals for Horses and Earthquake Weather.  It didn't pay to keep storing them, but I didn't think I could fit them in my garage.  So I offered to give some away.

Well, with the help of many loyal readers and fans who sent stamped, self-addressed mail bags, plus a fundraiser for the new Cambria library in which I gave three of my early hardcovers to anyone who donated to the library fund...they fit.

But I'd still be happy to give a few away.

Why?  Because it hit me, when I put those older books back in circulation, that the destiny of a book is not to sit in a carton in storage.  It is to go out in the world to be read.

So the offer still stands.  Just read the blog "How's This For an Offer" for details. 

And another offer that still stands:  I'm still taking comments/entries to win the last advance reader's copy (the last that I own and can give away, anyway) of Jumpstart the World, my new Knopf young adult (only not in any way limited to YA) novel, due out in October.  You just go to the entry "Time For a Giveaway" and comment to win.  I'm taking comments all through July.

You knew there was a reason you followed this blog, right?