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More Puppy: Tybee and Perez

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Lucy and TybeeMy first guest puppies! Many thanks to Lucy Kubo, high school librarian and reader extraordinaire, for being the first one to jump on my offer to feature readers' pups on the blog. Though, I must say, the puppy pics and stories are really coming would almost think people loved their pets!

Lucy writes, "What a great idea!  I’d like to share photos and the story of my newest family member, Perez, aka Prezzi.

"In Texas, it is a spring-time ritual to take pictures of one’sPerez in the bluebonnets children/babies/spouses/ loved ones in the bluebonnets. This year the bluebonnets are a bit sparse due to the lack of early spring rains but they have finally decided to put on a decent show anyway.  Yesterday evening I took the pooches out for their bluebonnet portraits; here is Perez, the newest member of our family."  

She goes on to say, "Little Perez joined our family on February 5, 2011, after his foster parents braved icy roads to bring him for a meet & greet with our family (myself, husband, and Tybee, our dog of the past three years).  Foster mom had found him in a nearby city shelter with burns on his back (hot grease? acid?).Poor Perez  She loved him and nursed him and had glamour-shots madeNow that's glamour! (see the news story).  When I found him on an online adoption site, I assumed he would be snapped up, but my application managed to find its way to the top of the stack and foster dog Pez became Perez Kubo as he joined our pack.  Tybee has helped Prezzi learn the thrill of the hunt for squirrels in our back yard. Perez is a strong back-up in the 'please Mom we neeeed treats' game.  And that’s my story of 'more puppy.'"

The "we neeeed treats" looksYes. I can see how those faces might be hard to resist.

By the way...Lucy is featured in my first "My Fabulous Readers!" slideshow.  Hints: motorcycle, The Day I Killed James. 

Thanks, Lucy!  Love the "kids."

If other readers would like to see their pups (kitties, birds, bunnies...) featured on this site, go to the Contact Me page and do what the page title suggests.