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More Puppy: Puppies!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Okay.  I'm sure you've noticed by now that, with the exception of Henry the Hero, the word "puppy" in this blog meme is a bit... figurative.  Most of these "puppies" are full-grown dogs.  But my reader and Facebook friend Linda Carton has a dog named Missy, who just had a litter of puppies.  You know, the actual tiny ones, with their eyes still closed.

Michael's big "M"The Mom Dog's name is Missy, and the pups are Jerry, Oisin, Michael and Jacksie.  Michael has a big M on his back...and extra toes on his back paws!Michael's extra toes

Linda writes, "Missy is a springer spaniel and we have her mom, too.  She was born by C-section 7 years ago and her mom, not knowing what was happening, killed 3 pups and badly injured Missy.  I spent the first night with her and her brother in my top to keep them warm and I milked the mom dog to feed the pups until I got Welpi, a supplementary food for pups.  Then I bottle fed them until they were weaned.

Grandma"I was never going to risk breeding her because I had a feeling history would repeat itself and I would be heart broken.  But when we came home from the vet with her mom...she has a tumor on her leg, and if they operate on it they don't think she would make it through the operation.  So we just have to keep her happy and pain free.Jerry  

"Well, Missy was in heat when we came home, so I gave in, and the rest is history.  Even though she had the pups by c-section she has been a fantastic mom, feeding and cleaning the pups constantly.  I'm so proud of her.  

"The funniest time is 3:00 am--she wakes me up every night crying at the pups and they cry back.  I have to talk her back into the box to them.  Once they start feeding she is fine, but she is so's like 'Mammy, please shut them up.'"

Well, I'm not the one trying to sleep, but I think they're just adorable!  Thanks for sharing, Linda.