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The Bet, Part Three: The Story

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Dear Archarcharch, get well soon.Well...if you haven't read The Bet or The Bet, Part Two...I'd suggest it.  Otherwise you're likely to feel like you missed something.  But if that's too much trouble, there's always the short recap:

Okay, there were these four crazy authors.  I was one of them.  I still am.  The other three were Andrew Smith, Brian Farrey and Kimberly Pauley.  It was all Brian's idea, so I guess he's even crazier than the rest of us.  Then again, he didn't end up having to write a story, so maybe he's crazy like a fox.  The idea was to place a bet, the losers of said bet having to write a story with a title handed to them by the winner.  We settled on the Kentucky Derby.  We each chose a horse.  We each chose badly.  None of them won.  But, of course, if you only count our four horses, somebody had to come in ahead of somebody.  That was Brian.  He doesn't get the privilege of writing a story.  Poor, poor Brian.  What he did win was the fun of handing a story title to Andrew.  Andrew blessed me with a lovely one, and rather than Paying It Forward, I saddled Kimberly, whose horse came in last, with one I would have liked, but...then again, I'm decidedly weird.

Andrew's title, given to him by Brian, was "Miss Candor Sends Her Regrets."

My title, given to me by Andrew, was "The Art of Being Stuck Here."

Kimberly's title, bestowed by yours truly, was "Uncle Mo's Gastrointestinal Tract." If you read The Bet, Part Two, this will make a degree of sense.  Well, no it won't.  But you'll know where I got it.

We all agreed on a date and time to unveil the stories.  Monday, May 23rd, 9:00 a.m. Pacific.

CLICK HERE TO READ THE ART OF BEING STUCK HERE  You might notice that all the words/phrases of the other titles appear in my story.  If you're really paying good attention, you might notice that.

Then, when you're done, stop by Andrew Smith's blog to read MISS CANDOR SENDS HER REGRETS and then Kimberly Pauley's blog to read UNCLE MO'S GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT.

Plus, if you stop by Brian Farrey's blog, he's promised to judge the stories, award stars, shower them with glitter, and...perhaps...something involving interpretive dance.  If the stories don't entertain you, that's bound to be a good fallback.

So...are we having fun yet?