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More Kitty: The Furrkids

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Finally, a family of pets so big that I can't fit all of their names in the post title.  

This lovely house full of cats comes to me courtesy of reader and Facebook friend Pam Fogal.  I was always rather taken by the guitar-playing cat that is her Facebook profile pic.  You don't see that every day.

Pam writes:

"I would like to introduce you to the furrkids...

"It all started off with Meow, or Grumpy Grey; she was a happy only child. To say that she was spoiled and set in her ways is an understatement.

"Then after going to a friend's house after a baseball game Patch found us.  She was a skinny homeless sweettalker who convinced us that she would be the perfect addition to the family.  We knew she was special on the way home because she decided to ride all the way on the dashboard.

"After a few weeks we noticed that patch was gaining weight...but all in the belly.  After a trip to the Vet we learned that she had come with presents.  Shortly after that we had 3 little boys arrive Neo, Indy and Potter (Boo).

"The boys look nothing alike but are usually inseparable. Needless to say we decided to keep all 3 and now we have a family of 5 furrkids.  Meow is still Grumpy and Patch is still just as special...and the boys...well they basically run the house.

"In the photos you will see Meow (grey) Patch (calico) Neo (black tux) Indy (grey tabby) and Potter or Boo (orange) and some group shots." 

Now if that's not more kitty, I don't know what would be. Love the photos. Thanks, Pam!