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More Kitty: Fauxgerty

Catherine Ryan Hyde

My friend and reader Laur McSpadden was nice eough to share Fauxgerty for the More Kitty meme of this blog.

Laur writes: "Fauxgerty adopted me while I was attending Manchester College. I had no plans or desire to get another cat at the time, but there I was, sitting in front of the library, when this adorable orange tabby made a bee-line towards me from across the college mall. I knew what was happening as I saw his approach (I've been adopted by cats before), and I tried to explain to him that I appreciated the thought, but that I couldn't take in another cat. But then he got up to me, and I could see that he was skin and bones and that he was bleeding from his ears. I had to take him in. Fortunately, his inner-ear infection that he had been scratching at so much was fairly easily taken care of, and he quickly returned to full health. :-)

"Now, he is easily the most loving cat I have ever known. He's actually a bit of an inspiration to me, in that he so clearly has complete faith that the world means him no harm. He is always relaxed, happy and playful. When I am sick, or even just relaxing on the couch, he will cuddle up next to me, hold my hand between his front paws, and rest his little chin on my fingers. To my knowledge, he hasn't yet met a person, cat or dog that he hasn't loved: he even lets dogs give him "baths," purring all the while. 

"We have a little mealtime call-and-answer song that he always performs with me as a duet every time he gets fed. He really likes singing, and has the cutest bluesy "meow" ever. His namesake is, of course, John Fogerty: however, since he is not really John Fogerty, it's spelled Fauxgerty. It just makes sense.

"He also has a real love of books. Though there is no proof that he is actually literate, he loves finding books, cuddling with them, nuzzling them, flipping them open with his paw, and napping on them.

"Although he is not very active on Facebook, he does have his own profile."

Thanks, Laur.  And thanks, Fauxgerty, for being a great cat and a lover of books.  That's a new one, even for my blog.