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Pike's Peak Cog Railway

Catherine Ryan Hyde

For those of you who followed the reports of my trip, you may know that the cog railway trip up to Pike's peak summit was the centerpiece of the whole outing. It had been a bit of a bucket list item for my mom, who is 89. The timing was not ideal. Her back had been giving her some trouble. But she got the blessing of her chiropractor to go. Probably because he knew the same thing we both knew. If not the September, then maybe not for a full year. And then...who knows?

My mom's in great health, and I'm not saying I don't think she'll be around next year. I think she will be, and still in good health. But I also can't say for a fact she'll be here tomorrow. Hell, I can't say for a fact I'll be here tomorrow. So I guess the message here is if you've got a bucket list, get on it.

Here's my mom on top of hers, riding the train up, standing beside the train at over 14,000 feet, and freezing in front of the elevation sign. It was mid-day when we reached the summit, with a temperature of 25, an icy wind, and a wind chill of 15.

But what the hell. We made it. Cross that one off the bucket list. Yellowstone still to go next year.

I'm also including a couple of photos of the view from the summit. They say on a clear day you can see five states.

For a full album of Pike's Peak Cog Railway photos, click HERE.

A couple or three more blog posts/photo collections to follow.