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When You Were Older Giveaway!

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Seems it’s been a while since I’ve given books away on this blog. And it’s been even longer since I gave away paper books. Ebooks are a fun and easy giveaway for me, because they’re inexpensive, and I don’t have to mail them. But…

Yesterday I got a shipment from my UK publisher. A carton of paperback copies of When You Were Older. It’s my newest UK title. It came out in the spring in hardcover, and it’s coming out at the end of August in paperback. And…now for the really exciting news: the US edition will be arriving soon. It’s about three months down the road. I just saw a mock-up of the cover this morning. I wish I could show it to you, but it’s definitely not final. As soon as it is, I’ll do a reveal on this blog. Nothing against the UK cover, but…wow. Our US edition is going to have one terrific looking cover!

So…while you’re waiting…would you like to win a copy of the UK edition? The text is the same, and you can be the first on your block to read it. With respect (and love—seriously, I love you guys) to my UK readers, I’d like to make this one North America only. My fabulous British fans can buy it in stores right now, and they can buy it inexpensively at the end of this month. But my fabulous US readers have more of a wait on their hands.

Here’s what to do: Leave a comment, and I’ll enter your name once in the drawing. Leave a comment and tweet a link to the contest so others can join and possibly win, I’ll enter your name twice. Put the contest link on your Facebook page, in your blog…use your imagination. You get an extra chance in the drawing for every act of word-spreading. And since I’m asking you to spread the word about winning something for free, it’s different than having to ask your friends to buy something. They probably won’t mind.

But tell me in your comment if you post the link elsewhere, otherwise I might not know. And do enter your email address in the comment form. It won’t show publicly, and I won’t use it for anything else, but I’ll need to contact you to get your address if you win.

Final thought: I have a nice big carton of these, so I’ll give away six. So even if you see quite a list of entries as time goes by, your odds will be pretty good. I’ll choose a winner on August 30th, the day the paperback releases in the UK.

Thanks, and good luck!